Why is this also popular in Japan, Korea and Singapore? I'm in sub-healthy trouble, and this is like a lifesaver for me!


Do you have any of the following problems... 

Oily skin, acne, dullness, swelling in the lower body, irregular bowel movements, etc.?

For those who are suffering from sub-health issues, the

In recent years, the word "enzymes" has become more and more familiar to us.

Enzymes are as important as electricity, and they're said to be the key to life!


The magic of enzymes from an expert's point of view!


If humans are like light bulbs, then enzymes are the electrical currents. A light bulb can only work when the electric current is attached, so without the electric current, we only have a light bulb that cannot work.

——American Naturopathic Dr.

Humbart Santillo


Our bodies can only produce a limited number of enzymes, and if we use up all of them, we will not be able to carry out life activities, which can be detrimental to our health and shorten our lifespan. We need to get enough enzymes from food to live a long and healthy life, but the foods we consume today are generally deficient in enzymes, which is the root cause of many diseases and adult illnesses.

——American chemist

"The father of enzymes." Dr.Edward Howell


There are hundreds of enzymes to choose from, but how do you choose?

It's safest to start with the ingredients!

I've tried many different enzymes in the past, but I finally decided on this one!

It's a very popular Matcha Koji in Japan, Korea and Singapore!

So, among the many enzymes, why do I highly recommend Matcha Koji Enzyme? 

Not all enzymes are called matcha koji enzymes!

 The Story of the Product

 Matcha Koji is made with original rice koji from Akita Prefecture, made by a long-established sake brewery founded in 1922.

"Ame Koji" is an original brand of koji mold produced in Akita Prefecture that is only allowed to be produced by a limited number of producers in the prefecture.

With the health and safety of our customers as our top priority, we continue to develop our "ace" product, Matcha Koji.


For more information, please check the official website.


The official website of Matcha Koji

What is a good enzyme?

Proprietary Manufacturing Method

Japan's finest Uji green tea is fermented and cultivated using "koji mold", which has a powerful fermentation effect.

We have also developed a non-thermal sterilization method to extract live lactic acid bacteria.

The ingredients in Matcha Koji Enzyme are simple, with four main ingredients: century-old koji, top-grade Uji Matcha, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria, and black pepper extract.

①Koji from a hundred years of history

Japan also recognizes koji mold as the "national fungus of Japan"!

Koji, which is very familiar to Japanese people, is known as the "king of the oriental microorganism world" for its ability to break down starch into glucose and protein into amino acids, and for its ability to effectively break down and absorb fat.

Sake and miso are all made from Japanese rice malt.

 In addition to the above functions, the rice malt also has beauty treatments. The rice malt contains kojic acid, which is one of the ingredients for beautiful skin. The kojic acid prevents melanocytes from evolving into spots and freckles before they are activated.

②The High grade Uji Matcha

The most famous ingredient in matcha is catechins.

 Catechins control fat, cholesterol and active acids, so they are excellent for weight loss and slimming as well as anti-aging!

According to Japanese research, catechins directly affect the absorption function of the digestive system and prevent the secretion of lipolytic enzymes by the pancreas.

It inhibits the activity of digestive enzymes by making it easier for large fat molecules to enter the intestines, reducing the effectiveness of absorption.

Matcha Koji is made with the highest grade of matcha, “Uji Matcha”.

Each bag contains about 3600mg of Uji Matcha!

Matcha is not only good for weight loss, it is also rich in fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins!

 They call vitamin ACE the three musketeers of antioxidant vitamins!

Matcha tea contains 20 times more vitamin A (anti-aging) than pumpkin, 5 times more vitamin C (whitening) than lemon, and 2.5 times more vitamin E (anti-aging) than almonds.

Drinking tea drastically reduces your intake of vitamins C and E. Matcha tea is a powder that allows you to fully absorb the nutrients in the tea leaves, so your intake of vitamin C is 10 times higher than tea and your intake of vitamin E is 30 times higher than tea.

Rice Koji x Uji green tea of the highest quality
 This is a great combination.
And that's not all! You can come to the official website and take a look first.

 ③Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria

Different from the usual lactobacilli, they reach the intestines alive because they are wrapped in a "shell". Therefore, it supports for inside your body!

Because of the state of "spores" wrapped in the shell, it is resistant to acid and heat, and reaches the intestines alive and well.

In the intestines, it suppresses bad bacteria and supports good bacteria such as bifidobacteria.

④Black pepper extract

The piperonyl acid in black pepper helps you absorb the ingredients you take with it!

Matcha Koji contains Bioperine, which contains more than 95% of piperine.

The synergistic effect of amino acids, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins and antioxidants in matcha helps your body to absorb them.

Matcha Koji's four main ingredients are safe, healthy, beauty and slimming all in one!

There's a lot of nutrients in these little pills! So you don't have to eat a lot of variety every day, this is all you need!


Impressions from users


Not only is it beloved by the Japanese public, but it is also used by famous Japanese and Korean bloggers.

 It's a hot topic on Instagram.


Let's take a look at the opinions of general users.


I tried this product for two months and it really worked for me!  

(Ms. Suzuki / Female / 35 years old / Shizuoka, Japan)

I have to balance work and childcare, so I wanted a product that would easily provide nutrients in my busy schedule.

I've been trying it for two months and I think it really works!

It got rid of the constipation that had been troubling me for years! That's the point. I'm glad!

I now eat better, drink better, digest better, feel better, and have better skin!



My friends tell me “You're getting younger” and ask me “what your secret weapon is”!       

(Ms. Kobayashi / Female / 42 years old / Nara, Japan)

I've tried many different health supplements as I've gotten older, but since I started taking matcha koji enzymes, I've felt lighter with a little exercise.

It lasted for over a month, and even though I had the same weight for years, I finally lost a few kg.

It also improves my internal environment from the inside and helps my body tone up and improve my skin tone.

Recently, my friends have told me "You look younger!" and they also asked me "What is a secret weapon!"

 There is a lot more to discover about Koji Enzymes. 

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 If you want to change your body shape, increase your metabolism, increase your consumption during exercise, or just for your health, try Matcha Koji.

Thanks to its commitment to ingredients and effectiveness, it has become one of the must-buy items in Japan.

 With the most natural care and protection guaranteed by Japanese reviews, you're sure to feel better than ever before.

Where can I buy Matcha Koji?

 It is now available in Singapore and Malaysia as well as Japan!
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【FAQ about Matcha Koji】

Q: How do I drink it?

A: Take 3 tablets a day with water.

Q: When is the best time to take it?

A: As a dietary supplement, take it at the time of your choosing.

Q: Where do you deliver to?

A: We ship from Tokyo to all over the world via Japan Post & EMS. Shipping costs will be added at checkout.

 *We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.