Made with rice koji and Uji green tea from a century-old brewery, this is a must-have for all beauty-loving women.

If you have the same problems as I do with the following, please check out this article.

“I feel like my metabolism is slowing down...”

“I haven't had a bowel movement in a few days...”

“It's hard to digest all that greasy stuff...”

In fact, all of these problems come back to the same cause.

“Not enough enzymes in the body.”

Do enzymes in the body decrease with age?

You can't change your job or your lifestyle that easily, but you want to change your constipation and nutritional balance!

Enzyme supplements are your best bet!

Enzymes have been popular in Japan for a long time and many people are used to eating them.

So when I traveled to Japan, I saw a lot of enzymes in the pharmacy.

How to choose?

I usually care about the ingredients when I buy something, so again, I chose based on the ingredients.

In this case, I recommend

"Matcha Koji" , a popular product in Japan and Korea.

Today, I introduce "Matcha Koji", a must-have for beauty-loving girls.

"Matcha Koji" can help with issues such as slow metabolism, constipation, indigestion, and nutritional imbalances.

Famous in both Japan and Korea, "Matcha Koji" are easy to buy online! So you don't have to buy them from Japan anymore!

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A popular Japanese and Korean blogger's favorite enzyme! It's all the rage on Instagram!

"Matcha Koji" I'm sharing with you is not only loved by the Japanese, but also by famous bloggers in Japan and Korea.

It's a hot topic on Instagram.

"The kojic acid and lactobacillus fiber in rice malt promotes absorption in the digestive tract and helps the body to eliminate unwanted old wastes."

"I bought this for the purpose of relieving constipation, and as a result, not only did it solve my problem of constipation, but I lost weight and my skin looked better. This is amazing!"

"Since I started using these koji enzymes, I have been going to the restroom at a regular time every day. I feel like my body is very light and smooth. I hope you all give it a try!"

It has become the most popular enzyme in Japan due to its great popularity among users.

That's why it has been ranked as the most popular enzyme in Japan in a short period of time!

Impressions I tried using it

I used to be really constipated; I would not poop for 3-5 days and be super painful! Then I found out that my skin, appetite, and even my immune system were getting worse!

I knew that enzymes can help with bowel movements, so I wanted to find something that would help my gut as well.

After researching the ingredients of several enzymes, I finally chose "Matcha Koji".

Each bag contains 90 tablets, enough for about a month. As soon as you open the bag, you will be surprised by slight scent of the matcha. The matcha-colored tablets are easy to drink and have no special taste.

And the morning after I took it, I felt a strong need to go to the restroom. I haven't felt like this in a long time!

And then I went to the restroom, and for ten minutes straight, I had a crazy good bowel movement! It felt really good!

I've been taking it for about two months now, so not only has it solved my problem, but I've lost 4 kg!

Best of all, I'm glad my skin is feeling better!

This "Matcha Koji" really surprised me so much that I felt I had to share it with someone who had the same problem as I did!

I'm gonna go into more detail about "Matcha Koji", so if you have the same problems as I am, read on!

Matcha Koji Enzyme - Superfood Matcha

The most famous ingredient in matcha is catechins.

Catechins control fat, cholesterol and active acids, so they are excellent not only for anti-aging, but also for weight loss and slimming!

According to Japanese research, catechins directly affect the absorption function of the digestive system and prevent the secretion of lipolytic enzymes by the pancreas. It inhibits the activity of digestive enzymes by making it easier for large fat molecules to enter the intestines, reducing the effectiveness of absorption.

Matcha Koji is made with the highest grade of matcha, “Uji Matcha”. Each bag contains about 3600mg of Uji Matcha!

Matcha is not only good for weight loss, it is also rich in fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

They call vitamin ACE the three musketeers of antioxidant vitamins!

Matcha tea contains 20 times more vitamin A (anti-aging) than pumpkin, 5 times more vitamin C (whitening) than lemon, and 2.5 times more vitamin E (anti-aging) than almonds.

Drinking tea drastically reduces your intake of vitamins C and E. Matcha tea is a powder that allows you to fully absorb the nutrients in the tea leaves, so your intake of vitamin C is 10 times higher than tea and your intake of vitamin E is 30 times higher than tea.

Matcha Koji Enzyme - Super ingredient koji

Matcha Koji Enzyme is made from primitive rice koji made by a long-established sake brewery in Akita Prefecture that was founded in 1922.

Rice koji is a brand of rice koji originally produced in Akita Prefecture, and only those who are allowed to produce it to do.

Japan also recognizes koji mold as the "national fungus of Japan"!

Koji, which is very familiar to Japanese people, is known as the "king of the oriental microorganism world" for its ability to break down starch into glucose and protein into amino acids, and for its ability to effectively break down and absorb fat.

Recent research has shown that the glycosylceramide contained in koji has a prebiotic function that improves intestinal bacteria and is effective in lowering cholesterol levels in the liver, which has attracted attention.

Sake and miso are all made from Japanese rice malt.

In addition to the above functions, the rice malt also has beauty treatments. The rice malt contains kojic acid, which is one of the ingredients for beautiful skin. The kojic acid prevents melanocytes from evolving into spots and freckles before they are activated

Click here to visit the official website!

>>Matcha Koji Official Website

After reading this far, don't you think the ingredients are powerful?

It's easy to understand if I list two main ingredients.

The fact that it doesn't have any extra ingredients is another point I like about it!

In addition to these two super ingredients, it also contains Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria and black pepper extract.

Matcha Koji Enzyme -Super ingredient spore-forming lactic acid bacteria

Different from the usual lactobacilli, they reach the intestines alive because they are wrapped in a "shell". Therefore, it supports for inside your body!

Because of the state of "spores" wrapped in the shell, it is resistant to acid and heat, and reaches the intestines alive and well.

In the intestines, it suppresses bad bacteria and supports good bacteria such as bifidobacteria.

The characteristic of spore-bearing lactobacilli is that they reach the duodenum in the state of spores and then germinate and are discharged from the body over a week. By taking it continuously, you can regulate the intestinal environment.

Matcha Koji Enzyme -Super ingredient black pepper extract

The piperonyl acid in black pepper helps you absorb the ingredients you take with it!

Matcha Koji Enzyme contains Bioperine, which contains more than 95% of piperine.

The synergistic effect of amino acids, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins and antioxidants in matcha helps your body to absorb them.

Matcha Koji Enzyme's four main ingredients are safe, healthy, beauty and slimming all in one!

How do you buy it? Now you can only get this exclusive offer on the official website!

If you want to change your body shape, increase your metabolism, increase your consumption during exercise, or just for your health, try Matcha Koji.

Thanks to its commitment to ingredients and effectiveness, it has become one of the must-buy items in Japan.

With the most natural care and protection guaranteed by Japanese reviews, you're sure to feel better than ever before.

Where can I buy Matcha Koji?

It is now available in Singapore and Malaysia as well as Japan!
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