I'm moved to tears! Japan's super popular halitosis supplements, about 3 capsules a day instantly eliminate bad breath, fresh breath all day!

This whole year, everyone's been living mostly in masks.
I remember when I was blogging, I read a story about how I didn't realize how bad my mouth smelled until I wore a mask.
Indeed, even if you don't have a bad taste in your mouth,
wearing a mask for a long time and smothering the taste in your mouth is always bitter, sticky and very uncomfortable.
Sometimes it's easy to have bad breath or a sour taste in the mouth if you don't digest well.
Bad breath is embarrassing. Not only does it affect other people, but it also causes a lack of confidence in yourself.

When attending formal occasions, you may be afraid of getting too close to each other, let alone going on a date or kissing. ......
Use gum and mouthwash to cover it up?

It won't cure the symptom, it won't last 5 minutes and the stench will come back...you can't even stand it!
The root of bad breath is in the stomach!

Poor digestion, accumulation of waste and toxins, and a sour, rotten smell coming out of the digestive tract...
Not only bad breath, but also dry mouth, bitter mouth...

Let them develop, serious or even spread to gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, suffer a lot ...
I used to suffer from bad breath too, but I came across it by chance!

Eliminated my bad breath problems and really moved me to tears!
So today I'd like to share with you something that I always have in my bag.
"Breath Care tablets" - FEBREEEE (Bad Breath Saver).
If you usually have bad breath, you must try it!
【My personal experience】
When I eat hot pot with my friends, I always add a lot of garlic and hot sauce.

Even though I was high on food, the taste in my mouth was obvious after eating.
After this heavy stuff, I'll take three FEBREEEE.

And then the garlic smell, the stench, the hot pot smell is almost gone.

The greasy feeling in your mouth becomes a refreshing one, and your mouth feels soothed at night before you brush your teeth.
It's much more convenient than the gum and mouthwash that can only temporarily cover up your breath.
Whether it's a business trip, a long flight, or an important event,
I always carry it with me to keep my mouth clean and fresh.
For more information, please visit the website!
And then I got serious about finding out what this bad breath savior was all about!
Why is FEBREEEE so effective in removing bad breath?

[FEBREEEE 's Five Features]

☑ High concentration of "Deo Attack" well known as deodorant ingredient.
☑Champignon Extract and Persimmon Extract suppress bad smell from " inside of your body".
☑Lactobacillus acidophilus prevents bad smelling bacteria in your mouth
Contains catechins, a well-known deodorant treatment
☑Contains Bioperine, which is essential to the functioning of all ingredients
Various deodorizing ingredients that are famous for their multiplier effect!
Deo Attack is a deodorizing ingredient that contains "coffee extract + burdock extract", which has an excellent deodorizing effect on stinky bacteria in the intestines!
This is because bad breath is not only caused in the mouth, but also in the digestive tract.
What the great thing about this FEBREEEE is...
It take works on both your mouth environment and inside of your body!
In addition, Champignon Extract and Lactobacillus acidophilus are essential ingredients for regulating intestinal bacteria!
Not only can it break down bad breath caused by gastrointestinal problems,
but it is also useful to get rid of bad breath caused by eating heavy foods and hangovers.
There are 90 capsules in a packet, so take 3 capsules in the morning to keep your breath fresh throughout the day, and it's perfect for sharing with friends.
And it's not just in Japan, it's also popular in Korea and Singapore!
FEBREEEE is still the new favorite of Instagrammers!
If you're a regular Instagrammer, you've been seeing shares from the netizens!
I see so many people using it and I feel even more confident that I am using the right product. hahaha ....
Where can I buy FEBREEEE ? Is it expensive?
Thank you for seeing here, now are you wondering
where you can buy FEBREEEE? Is it expensive?
Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 4 get 2 free,
buy 6 get 3 free ...... and free shipping!


  • Where are FEBREEEE available?
 ↳ Our products are only available online shop.
  • Where are your products made?        
  ↳All of our products are proudly made in JAPAN.
  • Do you ship overseas?   
  ↳Yes, we ship from Tokyo to all over the world via Japan Post &  EMS. 
   *We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.
  • How do I drink it?

  ↳FEBREEEE is not a lick type.
     It is recommended to be taken with water or lukewarm water about 2-3 tablets a day.
If you suffer from bad breath like me, I really recommend you to try this popular Japanese bad breath care product.

I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!


But! The promotion is limited in quantity and will end as soon as the required quantity is sold out!

So get over to the official website and check it out while it's still on sale!