[50's]What if people think you stink?! This is what a woman with a nice scent always carries around and takes it!

I have a question for a woman in her 50s.

Are you aware of your odor?

During this time, I was shocked to be pointed out by my son.

“Hey Mom ! little bit bad smell...”

I thought I was careful.  But no way I am ...!
After that, I started to take more measures against odors.

  • I brushed my teeth carefully before meeting people.
  • I always covered my mouth with my hand when talking to someone.
  • I always have gum and tablets handy.

To be honest, the effect of the measures was not obtained.

I often hear that you don't notice your own odor. And even if it doesn't smell now, I feel like it will smell again soon…
After my son pointed out bad breath, I was worried about my odor and became afraid to approach people.


What is the faint scent of roses?

It was around that time.
I'm currently working as an office assistant. And I have a colleague who smells very good.

Her name is Mrs. K.
She is in her 60s who is older than me. How should, it has a faint flower-like scent.
Not a strong scent like perfume, but natural, a fascinating scent that makes you want to follow along ...

I wasn't the only one who felt this way, but the people around me also said so.
So I took the plunge and asked her. And the answer I got was surprising...!


The secret of her scent is discovered!!

It was when she and I happened to have lunch together. I took the plunge and asked her to tell me her secret!
Then she gave me a surprise answer.

“Wow! I'm glad!
Actually, I recently started taking supplements ...!



She said:
"It's an embarrassing story, but ... a while ago my husband pointed out my bad breath.
I thought that was not good, so I did some research.
So I started taking these and they say they smell great!

She taught me,
I always carry this with me

It was a supplement called “Rose Dress”.


This seems to be a supplement with the concept of "turning an unpleasant odor into an elegant rose scent."
* It is an individual impression and does not guarantee the effect and efficacy.


 ◆If I try it too ... I'm impacted!!

So, I asked her to tell me where to buy it, and I decided to buy it and try it!

The capsules are pale pink and cute♪
It looks like a candy, so it's also a nice point that people around me don't notice that I'm taking this because I'm worried about bad breath.
The size was just right, and even I, who is not good at capsules, could drink it without difficulty!

The scent is not strong, and I was impacted at the gentle and elegant scent!

I thought, "Is this really okay?" But right after I started taking it!
My son said," Wow:) It smells good, but have you started something?"
When I heard that, I was really relieved.

Also from the girls in the company
"It always smells so good! I'm longing for it!"
I feel happy and shy ♪

How easy it is to take "odor countermeasures" ...!
I should have started earlier ... :'-(

I can now speak with confidence and a smile when talking to someone.
I am very grateful to Mrs. K!
* It is an individual impression and does not guarantee the effect and efficacy.


Rose Dress“ wins Monde Selection Gold Award!

I was so impressed that "It's a supplement, but it's so effective! It's awesome!"
I took a closer look at the "Rose Dress"!

I was even more surprised when I looked into it!
Because, it was a hot item that won the gold medal twice in that Monde Selection!


Cumulative sales of the series exceeded 4.25 million bags! (*As of March 2020)
And, Monitor satisfaction is 94%! (* Survey of 100 in-house monitors / June-July 2013)
I was surprised that it was such a great supplement ...!!


Only roses?? The secret that works for bad breath is awesome!!


Among the roses, "Damask rose from Bulgaria", which has a particularly high scent, is called the "Queen of Roses". The Rose Dress uses that rose oil.


This oil is a very valuable oil.
Because only 1cc can be extracted from 2600 Damask roses!
In addition, the oil used in the Rose Dress has cleared the strict national standards of Bulgaria!


Rose dress condensed 101mg of this precious oil for 2 tablets*.
*serving size 2 tablets



Contains beauty and health ingredients that make women happy!!
Its nutrient is "Vitamin E".
And it is a topical "Grape seed oil" as a health oil with 0% cholesterol.


It's packed with a lot of popular beauty ingredients…

I'm very happy that it helps not only bad breath and body odor, but also the beauty of appearance!

At first, I thought

"A supplement that just gives off a scent ...?"

But I was very impressed because it was a scented supplement that was very thoughtful about women!!


You can become a woman with a good scent as well as measures against bad breath just by drinking 2-3 tablets a day as a guide. You will feel more confident and have more time to smile :)

Many reviews other than me are also highly rated!


Reviews are also highly rated!

From the official website


 Age:58 / Mrs.Sakaba

I was very shocked when my husband told me that my mouth stinks...
I always used to take care of my breath, so I don't know what measures I should take in the future.

But after taking this supplements, I have noticed that it smelled like roses.
My husband says that it smells great, and I get a lot of compliments from people around me.

This is the only supplement I'm worried about running out, so I always keep a stock of these supplements ready to go.


Age:62 / Mrs.Kobayashi

I'm at an age where I'm worried about all kinds of smells.
My neighbor's wife, who always smells so good, told me about the “Rose Dress”.

It smells wonderfully of roses and always makes me happy. A secret scent only for me. I really don't want to tell anyone!


* It is an individual impression and does not guarantee the effect and efficacy.


Please check it out ♪