"Hermes" in the enzyme industry! The era of koji has arrived? Super popular in Japan, does it really work?

It's getting colder and colder lately, and I'm not a sports girl to begin with, so I don't wanna work out.

But I've been getting more and more opportunities to eat hot pots and barbecues.

I can't say this because I'm afraid of getting flamed, but in an environment where everyone else is getting fat, I'm not fat at all.

It also relieved my constipation and improved my skin tone!

Are you very interested? Because I have a secret.

I was recommended by a friend and thought it was really good.

This is a super popular Matcha Koji not only in Japan, but in Korea and Singapore as well!

Now it's become an Instagramer's favorite, and it's a hot topic on Instagram!

These beautiful girls with beautiful skin and faces are also working hard for beauty!

Ordinary people like me really can't be allowed to drag their feet!

Now, let's get into the main subject! I share my thoughts on Matcha Koji! 

Matcha Koji Enzyme

Here's an important point.

The ingredients in this Matcha koji have a very long history.

Matcha Koji is made with original rice koji from Akita Prefecture, made by a long-established sake brewery founded in 1922.

"Ame Koji" is an original brand of koji mold produced in Akita Prefecture that is only allowed to be produced by a limited number of producers in the prefecture.

With the health and safety of our customers as our top priority, we continue to develop our "ace" product, Matcha koji.

♦Recommended for people like these!♦

Lazy people who like to eat and don't want to work out, modern people with disordered eating habits, and people who "die" if they don't eat late into the night.

A city people who loves to drink and socialize, and an over-nourished mother before giving birth.

It conditions the body, increases the metabolism and has certain effects on constipation.

It's also rich in beauty benefits, so it's good for your skin!

However, it must be pointed out that enzymes are normal enzymes, not diet supplements.

It improves the functioning of the digestive system and speeds up the breakdown of food while breaking down the waste products in the blood.

It's good for beauty, skin care and weight loss.

Let's take a look at an experiment on the decomposition of oil by the Matcha Koji.

When you add matcha koji to the oil, the grease stains will be broken down in no time at all!

For more information, please visit the official website.


》》Matcha Koji Official Website

So, what are the high-grade ingredients in Matcha Koji?


①Koji from a hundred years of history

Japan also recognizes koji mold as the "national fungus of Japan"!

Koji, which is very familiar to Japanese people, is known as the "king of the oriental microorganism world" for its ability to break down starch into glucose and protein into amino acids, and for its ability to effectively break down and absorb fat.

Sake and miso are all made from Japanese rice malt.

 In addition to the above functions, the rice malt also has beauty treatments. The rice malt contains kojic acid, which is one of the ingredients for beautiful skin. The kojic acid prevents melanocytes from evolving into spots and freckles before they are activated.


②The High grade Uji Matcha

The most famous ingredient in matcha is catechins.

Catechins control fat, cholesterol and active acids, so they are excellent for weight loss and slimming as well as anti-aging!

According to Japanese research, catechins directly affect the absorption function of the digestive system and prevent the secretion of lipolytic enzymes by the pancreas.

It inhibits the activity of digestive enzymes by making it easier for large fat molecules to enter the intestines, reducing the effectiveness of absorption.

Matcha Koji is made with the highest grade of matcha, “Uji Matcha”.

Each bag contains about 3600mg of Uji Matcha!

Matcha is not only good for weight loss, it is also rich in fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins!

 They call vitamin ACE the three musketeers of antioxidant vitamins!

Matcha tea contains 20 times more vitamin A (anti-aging) than pumpkin, 5 times more vitamin C (whitening) than lemon, and 2.5 times more vitamin E (anti-aging) than almonds.

Drinking tea drastically reduces your intake of vitamins C and E. Matcha tea is a powder that allows you to fully absorb the nutrients in the tea leaves, so your intake of vitamin C is 10 times higher than tea and your intake of vitamin E is 30 times higher than tea.

Rice Koji x Uji green tea of the highest quality

This is a great combination.

Not only that, it also contains spore-forming lactic acid bacteria that reach the intestines alive, as well as black pepper extract that helps the absorption of other ingredients.

For more information, check out their official website!

♦Feedback on Results♦

I've been taking it for about a month now and I'm really starting to see the results! I've been suffering from constipation for years due to my irregular eating habits, but recently I've been going to the bathroom super smoothly and regularly. I'm so happy!

And maybe because the enzymes contain so many beauty benefits, my skin feels smoother!

♦Personal Advice♦

Enzymes themselves are a type of supplement, and if you've eaten too much and want to rely on enzymes to help you lose weight, "Wake up! Don't dream about it. I would say! Lol

Some people say they can eat for a day or two and still not see results.

This isn't a "magic supplements"!

*Don't forget to keep drinking and the results are visible anyway!


How do you buy it? Now you can only get this exclusive offer on the official website!


If you want to change your body shape, increase your metabolism, increase your consumption during exercise, or just for your health, try Matcha Koji.

Thanks to its commitment to ingredients and effectiveness, it has become one of the must-buy items in Japan.

With the most natural care and protection guaranteed by Japanese reviews, you're sure to feel better than ever before.

Where can I buy Matcha Koji?

It is now available in Singapore and Malaysia as well as Japan!

And to celebrate the launch in Singapore and Malaysia,

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【FAQ about Matcha Koji】

Q: How do I drink it?

A: Take 3 tablets a day with water.

Q: When is the best time to take it?

A: As a dietary supplement, take it at the time of your choosing.

Q: Where do you deliver to?

A: We ship from Tokyo to all over the world via Japan Post & EMS. Shipping costs will be added at checkout.

 *We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.