After taking 3 tablets, your breath is instantly fresher, and it lasts all day!

When communicating with someone in close proximity, what is the flaw that makes you dislike them?
98% of people answered: of course it's bad breath!
How destructive is bad breath?

I've seen it described by an online friend as a rotten smell, smelling like a week-old dead rat....
I really think so. When you have bad breath, you can stink up to 5 meters away with a yawn.

And let's hear it from my colleagues in the office: the thought of kissing him makes me want to vomit.
Not to mention interviews and client visits, when you open your mouth, people subconsciously back away and even cover their mouths and noses in time.
According to statistics, 26-35 young people are the "bearers" of the bad breath army due to late nights, work, diet reasons.
The seemingly normal problem of tone is becoming a public problem.

According to statistics, one out of every four people has bad breath! How to get rid of bad breath has become the second problem for the public.
Saying goodbye to someone with a bad breath has become a looming social obstacle, and the first thing you need to do to say goodbye is to know how he came to be!
In fact, 80% of oral problems are caused by germs!
A moist oral environment is a natural breeding petri dish for bacteria, and the number of bacteria on the surface of each of our teeth can be as high as 500 million, resulting in stubborn bad breath.
In addition, regular drinking and smoking, gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, even menstrual periods, constipation, and stress can all contribute to bad breath.
We also choose toothbrushes and mouthwashes to freshen our daily breath,
but these are all distant water that can't put out a nearby fire.
If you chew gum often, your bite muscles will get bigger, and what should be a small V face will become a round face.......
The ever-increasing variety of oral products also means that oral health has become an increasingly important issue for everyone,
and that maintaining fresh breath has become a basic social ritual!
If you want to keep your breath fresh anytime, anywhere, you don't have to go through all that trouble.

Just take 3 tablets a day of it that are super popular in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia and you'll be totally ok!
It's a Japanese newcomer, and within a short time of its release, it was not only snapped up in Japan, but also in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia!
It's also the new favorite of the ins netizens!
There are thousands of fresh-breath products on the market, so why do I highly recommend this one?
Because it really is unlike anything we've ever seen before!
Item Other Products FEBREEEE
Duration 1-3 hours 1 day
Site of effect Oral Surfaces Inside the body, the source of bad breath
Composition Single 5 Professional Deodorizing Plant Ingredients
Taste A bit exciting Gentle and unexciting


No, completely solves bad breath

It all started some time ago with a dinner with friends.
That day were all heavy dishes, pork liver with chives, spicy chicken, spicy noodles (all with lots of cilantro, garlic), and a durian after the meal!
Do you think the smell is heavy? After eating it at that time, no one dared to go out.
I was afraid that if I didn't say something, people would faint. .......
Then a friend smilingly said, "Don't be afraid, I have a treasure."
And then he took out his FEBREEEE and let each of us have 3 tablets!
And then after we drank it, within an hour, there was literally no taste in our mouths at all!
At the time, I was thinking that it would wear off after 1-3 hours like other breath fresheners.
But what surprised me was that my mouth was still fresh and crisp when I brushed my teeth at night before going to bed!
I was just convinced that this FEBREEEE is really different.
In order to explain to you in detail why FEBREEEE is so different, I looked up a lot of information.
5 professional deodorizing ingredients to solve the root cause of bad breath
The main reason why FEBREEEE works so well is that it is filled with specialized botanical ingredients that have a powerful effect on bad breath!

☑ High concentration of "Deo Attack" well known as deodorant ingredient.

(Deo Attack is a deodorizing ingredient with "coffee extract + burdock extract", which has an excellent deodorizing effect on stinky bacteria in the intestines!)

☑Champignon Extract and Persimmon Extract suppress bad smell from " inside of your body".

☑Lactobacillus acidophilus prevents bad smelling bacteria in your mouth

Contains catechinsa well-known deodorant treatment

☑Contains Bioperine, which is essential to the functioning of all ingredients

Various deodorizing ingredients that are famous for their multiplier effect!

Top 5 famous deodorant ingredients are concentrated in this little tablet!

In Japan, the health food section is more strictly controlled.

This FEBREEEE is food safe and certified in terms of ingredients and workmanship, so there is no question about its quality.
With so many ingredients dedicated to bad breath, no wonder the effect is so amazing!

And persistence for about 2 months can thoroughly resolve the root cause of bad breath.
So I highly recommend that people with bad breath, heavy cuisine, oral problems, etc., give it a try and never regret it!
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  • Where are FEBREEEE available?
 ↳ Our products are only available online shop.
  • Where are your products made?        
  ↳All of our products are proudly made in JAPAN.
  • Do you ship overseas?   
  ↳Yes, we ship from Tokyo to all over the world via Japan Post &  EMS. 
   *We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.
  • How do I drink it?

  ↳FEBREEEE is not a lick type.
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