"Hermes" in the enzyme industry! The era of koji has arrived? Super popular in Japan, does it really work?

It's getting colder and colder lately, and I'm not a sports girl to begin with, so I don't wanna work out. But I've been getting more and more opportunities to eat hot pots and barbecues. I can't say this because I'm afraid of getting flamed, but in an environment where everyone else is getting fat, I'm not fat at all. It also relieved my constipation and improved my skin tone! Are you very interested? Because I have a secret. I was recommended by a friend and thought it was really good. This is a super popular Matcha Koji not only in Japan, but in Korea and Singapore as well! Now it's become an Instagramer's favorite, and it's a hot topic...


I'm moved to tears! Japan's super popular halitosis supplements, about 3 capsules a day instantly eliminate bad breath, fresh breath all day!

This whole year, everyone's been living mostly in masks. I remember when I was blogging, I read a story about how I didn't realize how bad my mouth smelled until I wore a mask. Indeed, even if you don't have a bad taste in your mouth, wearing a mask for a long time and smothering the taste in your mouth is always bitter, sticky and very uncomfortable. Sometimes it's easy to have bad breath or a sour taste in the mouth if you don't digest well. Bad breath is embarrassing. Not only does it affect other people, but it also causes a lack of confidence in yourself.When attending formal occasions, you may be afraid of getting too close to each...


Enzyme trend is blowing all over the world, do you really know it? If you want to reach the top of your life, you really need enzymes to support you!

This is our one day ...... Contemporary people are risking their lives to realize their ideals.Eating fast food to make up for three meals a day, trying to stay up late, socializing constantly ...... I have to admit that for those of us who aspire [to turn our lives upside down].This is the true picture of our lives ...... 7:00~9:00 Walking out of your home, along with the exhaust fumes from your car, can be harmful to your health. 9:00~12:00 Arriving at company, facing a computer, radiation is harmful to the body, and stress can be physically and mentally exhausting. 12:00~13:00 All kinds of junk food enter the body with lunch, they become the cause of obesity. 13:00~18:00 Tension and...


Why is this also popular in Japan, Korea and Singapore? I'm in sub-healthy trouble, and this is like a lifesaver for me!

  Do you have any of the following problems...  Oily skin, acne, dullness, swelling in the lower body, irregular bowel movements, etc.? For those who are suffering from sub-health issues, the In recent years, the word "enzymes" has become more and more familiar to us. Enzymes are as important as electricity, and they're said to be the key to life!   The magic of enzymes from an expert's point of view!   If humans are like light bulbs, then enzymes are the electrical currents. A light bulb can only work when the electric current is attached, so without the electric current, we only have a light bulb that cannot work. ——American Naturopathic Dr. Humbart Santillo   Our bodies can only...


Three tablets a day! This one, super popular in Japan, will help prevent bad breath and freshen your breath!

  There is a very handsome, attractive, tall guy who is the type of person everyone likes, but he is quiet and won't talk to people much. The reason for this is. He has breath odor! Bad breath affects a person's image, and bad breath is really embarrassing, so it's quite annoying. Especially when talking to people, they often make funny faces right away. The other person doesn't say anything, but the body is honest and it's really awkward to be physically separated. WHO has officially acknowledged that bad breath is a disease with a high prevalence that seriously affects people's social interactions and mental health.  According to the survey, the prevalence of bad breath among teenagers in South Korea...