About US


"Building a bridge between the world and Japan."
-Spreading the culture and services of the world to Japan.
Japan has many wonderful cultures and services. From Japanese food and sake to architecture and traditional crafts, each region is unique. At the same time, there are many other wonderful cultures and services in the world that we don't even know exist.

"We don't communicate, we deliver."
In today's society, by making full use of information technology, it is possible to "communicate" the goodness of each region to people around the world in an instant. However, we can tell people about it, but we cannot "deliver" it to people.
In an increasingly binary data world, we place great importance on actually delivering our culture and services to our customers.


This is E-commerce for overseas in Japan.
We mainly deal in health supplements, cosmetics and beauty products.
For example, they contain ingredients such as matcha, koji and camellia.
They handle  Japanese traditional products.