How to deodorize a foul breath? It all started with a good care of deep inside of the body!

PR:Value Express It’s what happen to me 3 months ago. Being on a train to the office, I encountered a man breathed out an awful smell.   Because of that, though he dressed up clean and nicely, it spoiled his everything.   Perhaps, he didn't realize his bad breath.     As you can see it in the graph above, the most of people can't point out the others about bad breath. This is why a lot of people are not aware of their own foul breath by themselves.     This survey makes it obvious, even colleagues and close friends hesitate to point out halitosis.     You can’t notice it by yourself, nor the others point it out...

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The bad breath is gone! Take care of your bad breath from within!

PR:Value Express It was about 3 months ago. When I was on the train on my way to work,I ran into a man whose breath smelled very bad.   He was well-groomed and clean, but he had terrible breath.  So it was all ruined. Maybe he didn't realize that he has bad breath.     You can see it in the graph above.  Most people can't point out to others about bad breath. This is why they don't realize it themselves. Most people with bad breath are unaware of their bad breath.     It takes a lot of courage to point out someone else's bad breath, even to your co-workers and best friends.   You won't notice it yourself. No...

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