I'm talking about the wonderful secret to intense dieting!

The diet industry is in an uproar! You are thinking, "I want to lose some more weight right now!"

This is the result of my first-hand testing of the latest diet discovered by a Nobel Prize winning academic! !

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66.4kg→48.7kg  Amazing・weight・loss!
You'll know it when you see it at first sight!

And of course, despite the fact that I didn't do any strenuous exercise or strict dietary restrictions

The speedy diet method that succeeded in "losing 17.7kg in one month".


I recommend it to these people!

▶I hate exercise.

▶ I can't really restrict my diet.

▶ I'd rather eat them, which is the joy of life.

Many people on social media have been saying that the effects are a complete bonanza!!! are sharing the devastating effects of dieting.


This is the real deal!

I decided to try Matcha koji, which is so popular these days because of the disgusting belly meat. I started without great expectations, and I lost 8.1kg!! I was always pumped to split my belly meat with my baggy clothes, but now I'm too happy to take the time to pick out clothes every morning it has become♡

I've failed many times, but this time it's the real deal! (Age 35 female)


I feel like my life has changed

It's easier to go to the bathroom and I'm not getting fat when I eat! The way people look at me has changed so much, it's like my life has changed! I've dropped 19kg so far, and I'm going to try to drop some more as well^^I wish I'd known this a long time ago♡(Age 29 female)


Actually, I... For the past 10 years, every time I've gone on a diet, I've failed at it.

・Exercise and dietary restrictions won't last...

・I can't lose weight by trying _____ to lose weight.

Plus, as I got older, I only gained more and more weightㅠㅠ


Why can't I lose meat when I'm trying so hard?


When I was frustrated by these ideas, I learned about the Enzyme Focused Diet!

It was a bit unfamiliar to me at first, but then I learned that in the United States, "enzymes are the ingredient used to treat obesity".

A study using enzymes to treat obesity has been published in the British scientific journals Nature and Science. It was the latest diet that shocked the world.




furthermore, in the United States, in just eight months... It's such a surprisingly powerful ingredient that there have been cases where people have lost half their weight.
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Even if you eat too much unintentionally, "dieting with enzymes" will burn fat and pretend you didn't eat, so you won't get fat!


It is already a common obesity measure in the United States. On the other hand, the risk of side effects!

While it's proven to "certainly make the flesh fall off easier," there are rumors of a side effect of dropping too much. Haha

I was afraid of the side effects of the "skinny pills" at first, so I didn't try them either ^^;

In fact, not that I don't want others to know too much about it, I'm going to share this with the many people who are struggling with the battle against belly meat!

I tried this one, the "Matcha koji”.


I stumbled upon it while searching for my favorite Japanese animation! Haha

I feel lucky ^^

I used only branded rice malt “Ame Koji” from a 100 years old traditional brewery in Akita, Japan, famous for its yeast.

 Here's a fact we didn't know very well!

"Rice malt" was commercialized for use in Japanese food products because it has a very high ability to break down what you eat!

It helps break down carbs, protein and even fat, so no matter how much you eat, you'll pretend you didn't eat it!


It was also originally "used in the manufacture of sake", but was a variety discovered by accident in the process of studying "sake".

In Japan, it has been used as a seasoning for food since ancient times because of its health benefits. Once you hear that, you can eat it without worrying about the side effects!

 Moreover, it contains Matcha and Bioperine!


We've all heard of it at one time or another.

"Matcha" is beginning to be touted as a superfood in the U.S. and has recently gained popularity worldwide.

Not only is it rich in caffeine and catechins, which are effective in losing weight, but it is also rich in vitamins and coenzyme.

Bioperine accelerates the absorption of both of these, and it even has great beauty benefits!


The beauty benefits are an added bonus!

FYI... When my sister saw me lose weight, she started trying it right away too!

The first time she tried it, She saw this change...! !

“I was frankly skeptical before I ate it, but I'm so happy these days. I think I was probably more slender yesterday than I've ever been in my life^^” and she looks good. Haha

In addition, it promotes the absorption of beauty ingredients and increases the effect of beauty!


Lately, when my sister and I have been out together, men have been asking for my contact information! We wouldn't have thought of that before^^

And most satisfying of all, eating just 3 tabulets  Matcha Koji a day will help you break down the fat you eat! So you can overeat and still maintain a proper weight!



This is a real review from someone who has actually succeeded in losing weight!

“I'm aiming for my dream 40kg mark!”

The fact that they made with rice malt makes it safe to try. A colleague of mine at work recommended it to me as effective and I bought it right away. When I think of supplements, I have a strong impression that they are a temporary effect, but I was relieved to start because it was proven to work for my colleagues at work. To date, my weight has gone from 65.8kg to 51.1kg, a decrease of 14.7kg! (Age 52 female)


“I lost 17 kg in one month!”

I'm posting this with shame^^; Quite frankly, most people who want to lose weight are probably too busy to do so. But I could continue to do this just by eating it, and the effects show up well in my photos(↑), right?

I was depressed because I couldn't lose any weight no matter what I did, so I've been able to get some life back and my husband is very happy♡ (Age 47 female)


Some of them only lost 5kg in a month! But I think most people lose about 7-10kg a month!

The production volume is limited because they only use " Ame Koji ", a brand of rice malt made in a traditional brewery with 100 years of history, but recently it has become famous on social media in Korea, so there are many websites that sell it.


It's a regular price of 88.59SGD, but my sister found an official website that sells it for less in the results of a search for Ayumi Hamasaki.


Summer's special in July! Don't miss out on discounts of up to 47%!

Almost half the price ..Whoa^^! That's much cheaper than what I boughtㅜ ㅜ


Click here for the official website.

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Would you like to experience intense weight loss from today?

Just take a step here and now, so your exciting life will begin♡

Don't never pass up an opportunity that can change your life♪