I have bad breath that I notice...About 3 tablets a day will give you unexpected results...

The other day, in the same elevator,
I encountered someone with really bad breath!
I really felt like terrible!
Why are you in this locked room?
I really wanted to deny his existence.
I couldn't get over the annoyance.
When I told my friend about it, she replied...
Sometimes your mouth smells a bit stinky too.
Oh my god!!!!
This is the worst!
I'm in sales, so I'm around a lot of people.
I thought I was careful about brushing my teeth and using mouthwash for bad breath, but ・・・・
I'm ・・・・・・・!
When I think that maybe I've been in a place where I've never known.
Remembering the past with anxiety and fear...
What kind of face should I make when I meet strangers...?
I really hated myself.
Also at ・・・・
I've never been concerned about my breath.
Are you sure?
Just kidding?
I just couldn't believe it.
I bought a breath odor checker to find out if I really smelled something.
I quickly checked ・・・・
Bad breath level is a max of "5"!
Oh, it was true...
I knew it was not good.
I tried brushing my teeth and using mouthwash several times a day, but to no avail.
However, when I tried something・・・・
In a instant!!
The breath level turned out to be 1!
I can't believe that no matter what I do, I can't get rid of my bad breath.
It was so easy to get rid of ・・・・.
I couldn't help but cry.
If you're worried about bad breath, try this method!!

What saved me from bad breath was ・・・・

In fact, with the idea of a last-ditch effort I sought advice from my dentist.
So I was introduced to this item.
This item↓↓↓
Check it out: ・・・・
A lot of people who suffer from bad breath have been taking care of it.
And it was all over the internet.
 I smoke, so I thought I was taking care of my breath.
But when he turned his face away from me, I knew I was in trouble, so I turned to FEBREEEE.
All I had to do was take about three tablets every day, so it was really easy.
It saved me from a crisis with my boyfriend!
20s female
 It contains many ingredients such as persimmon extract.
I recommend it for dry mouth when you are nervous or with your girlfriend💐.
I feel pretty safe when I carry this around👆.
30s female
 I'm in sales, and my clients used to be bitter when I started talking to them.
Since I started FEBREEEE, I have a better relationship with my clients and my performance has improved!
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What everyone wrote in common was that the fast-acting and long-lasting effects were amazing.
I think this could work for me.
I visited the official website of "FEBREEEE".
"If enough people are recommending it, I'll take a chance on this one."
That's what I thought, so I went straight to the official website and bought it.
The tablets are small and easy to swallow.
I'm so grateful that this isn't too hard to keep up with!
Keep eating and you'll get these results!
But why is this "FEBREEEE" so

Is brushing alone not enough?
What are the surprising causes of bad breath?

One of the causes of bad breath is a white stain called tongue moss.

As we age, the secretion of fluid also decreases rapidly.
The stains that contain bacteria and proteins adhere to the tongue.
This causes the tongue to produce a bad smell.

Another cause to watch out for is the waste that accumulates in the intestines.

When the intestinal environment deteriorates due to aging, stress, etc.
Digestion becomes impure, and foul-smelling gas is produced.

This will backflow and be released through the mouth.

That's why no amount of toothpaste or mouthwash could get rid of  bad breath.

However, FEBREEEE has added powerful ingredients such as persimmon extract, green tea, and champignon.
FEBREEEE also contains two new ingredients, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Deo Attack.

Deo Attack is a deodorizing ingredient of "coffee extract + burdock extract"which has a very high deodorizing care against bad odor bacteria in the intestines!

That's why it was so effective against the bad odor in my body! I was convinced.

There were many posts on SNS that said, "The only thing I was satisfied with was FEBREEEE!"

 As a service provider, halitosis care is important❣️.

No other tablet could take care of my bad breath.
FEBREEEE is as good as it gets✨.

20s female

 Every day, I feel hurt when the person next to me on a crowded train blatantly dislikes me.

I've tried everything to get rid of my bad breath, but it never went away.
When I found FEBREEEE, I didn't care who saw me anymore!

30s female

When I learned that many people have solved their halitosis problems with FEBREEEE.
I thought I had found a good product.

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▶ Where is FEBREEE made?

↳FEBREEE is made in Japan

 Directly from overseas?

↳Yes, that's right. We ship from Tokyo to overseas via Japan Post and EMS.

*We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.

How do I drink it?

 FEBREEEE is not a lick type.

 It is recommended to be taken with water or lukewarm water about 2-3 tablets a day.

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