How to deodorize a foul breath? It all started with a good care of deep inside of the body!

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It’s what happen to me 3 months ago.

Being on a train to the office, I encountered a man breathed out an awful smell.


Because of that, though he dressed up clean and nicely, it spoiled his everything.


Perhaps, he didn't realize his bad breath.



As you can see it in the graph above, the most of people can't point out the others about bad breath.

This is why a lot of people are not aware of their own foul breath by themselves.


This survey makes it obvious, even colleagues and close friends hesitate to point out halitosis.



You can’t notice it by yourself, nor the others point it out neither, but people around you are annoyed by your bad breath!


Well, to tell you the truth...
I was one of them.

I told my husband about a man I ran into on the train who had bad breath.

He said, "I hate to tell you this, but your breath smells too." 
 I thought it was a weird joke, but my husband's eyes were serious.


If it’s true, I wonder if my colleagues talk about me "She has terrible breath! " 

Also my neighbors and people on a train or in a hair salon see me that way as well.


 Of course,I always brush my teeth after every meal and I've never had a decayed tooth.

He told me that in pain, in short time I brush my tooth, my breath starts to smell like garbage.

He also mentioned that he hesitates to stay close to me because of my breath.


At first, I tried to take care of my bad breath with a gum or a mint tablet. However, my family told me that my breath got even worse with mixed up stench and mint.

My breath smelled the worst as I woke up in a morning, so he suggested me to sleep in separate rooms.

When I had a fight with my child, she said, "Don't talk in such close to me! you stink!"

Gradually, my family began to avoid me.

It was hard for me. Then I seriously considered leaving my house.


For a while, I was wearing a mask even in the house. 

I was so miserable and it stressed me out.


I really didn’t know what to do and was at a lost.

That was the moment I found FEBREEEE!

Thanks to this, my bad breath disappeared! 

A breath checker also showed dramatic change of my breath smell.



The breath checker indicates from 0 to 5 depending on smell of breath.

0 is odorless, 4 and 5 mean quite stinky!


Before I tried the breath care item, it evaluated my breath as level 5, the worst!

I was disappointed with the results.

After a little while I start to use the item, I now see  it shows an odorless level,  “0”!

My husband says, "You don't smell at all!” and he is so surprised.

Also my daughter says, "You don't smell at all anymore!”  I'm so glad to hear that!


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“Our marriage relationship was about to collapse due to my foul breath” (43-year-old woman).

As I talked with my husband, I realized that he was looking at my mouth by chance.

One day I began to wonder "Do I smell?” and afraid to have a conversation with him.  As I start to use FEBREEEE, he says, "You used to smell so bad, but now you don't smell at all!
Since then we've been having more conversations than ever!
"Even my doctor pointed out halitosis." (Male, 45 years old)

I didn't take it seriously when my daughter said to me, "Dad, your breath stinks." However, when it comes even my doctor pointed out my breath as halitosis also, which made me angry. At the same time I began to wonder if it was such bad.

I happened to find FEBREEEE online and bought it, and after a while my wife told me that I didn't smell bad anymore. It made me feel better.

Since then, I think, every day has really changed in a good way!

"I'm so happy just because I don't smell!" (34 years old, female)

I pay a lot of attention to fashion and appearance.

One day, I heard people in the office talking about me, "You know, that senior has bad breath".

I was awfully depressed that there was no point being in dressed nicely every day.

I was desperate and nothing went well.

That was the moment, I found FEBREEEE!

Since It's a tablet, it’s easy to swallow and take it anywhere.

This is why I could keep taking FEBREEEE

Since I have started to take FEBREEEE young men in the office complimented me, "Your breath always refreshing! Obviously that makes me in a great mood. haha

It's so simple and easy!

What is FEBREEEE? It helps you to remove your breath!

The item changed my life is "FEBREEEE"!
This is not a lick type, but a bad breath care tablet that you take about 2 to 3 tablets a day!

Just simply swallow it, you don’t need to keep it in your mouth like a candy. 

FEBREEEE helps to remove your breath no matter how bad it is.
So why would continuing to take FEBREEEE remove bad breath!

[FEBREEEE 's Five Features]

☑ High concentration of "Deo Attack" well known as deodorant ingredient.
☑Champignon Extract and Persimmon Extract suppress bad smell from " inside of your body".
☑Lactobacillus acidophilus prevents bad smelling bacteria in your mouth
Contains catechins, a well-known for deodorant treatment
☑Contains Bioperine, which is essential to the functioning of all ingredients
What the great thing about this FEBREEEE is...
It take works on both your mouth environment and inside of your body!
As a matter of fact, most of common bad breath care products are just covering up the smell with the mint scent.
Bad breath is not only based on a mouth problem, but also inside of a body.
FEBREEEE approaches both your mouth and your body at the same time!
By taking FEBREEEE
"Deo Attack.
"Champignon Extract.
"Tea catechins.


You will have enough these active ingredients to suppress the foul breath factors inside of your body.


Deo Attack have drawn a lot of attention as the most effective deodorant!

Deo Attack is a deodorizing ingredient made from "coffee extract and burdock extract". It has a very high deodorizing care against bad odor bacteria in the intestines!

As you take FEBREEEE, the DeoAttack reaches your intestines and suppresses the bad odor bacteria activitiy. This is how it remove your bad breath from inside of your body!


Deo Attack isn't the only great thing about FEBREEEE!

 It can’t be overlooked that FEBREEE also contains Champignon Extract!

Why? Because it is well-known that champignon extract boosts up Deo Attack’s deodorant activities.


"Champignon Extract" is an extract from mushrooms. Taking these at the same time also increases the action of the Deo Attack, getting rid of the odor-causing bacteria in your body!


FEBREEEE also contains Bioperinem, a pepper extract, which helps to maximize the effects of all ingredients of FEBREEEE.

All these complex composition of active ingredients maximize the breath care effect!


It's exactly what FEBREEEE can do to cut off from the root of the smell!

If you have a problem with your breath, give it a try!


FEBREEEE also contains the famous deodorizing ingredient, "tea catechin"!


FEBREEEE contains sufficient potent ingredients to help your breath problem!  

 “It really works!”

I gave it a try.

Sooner I start to take FEBREEEE, I easily noticed bad smell was gone from my breath. It’s amazing!


FEBREEEE is a small tablet shape, so it’s easy to take and keep it taking as routine.

 When I wake up in the morning, I'm so happy to realize how clean my breath is!

Now I can talk to people confidently!
I'm so glad I found FEBREEEE.

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