This Japanese breath-freshening tablet is really something different! Three capsules can not only maintain fresh breath all day, but also solve the root cause of bad breath!

Bad breath is bad enough,
but what's worse is that many people have bad breath and don't even know it!
It was only recently, after wearing a mask every day, that I was frequently exposed to the stench of my own breath.

So I was crushed inside: "So I've been having bad breath all these years!"
Here are some more tips on how to detect bad breath.

You can stick your tongue out and lick the back of your hand,
and when it's dry, smell it.

If it smells bad, it means you have bad breath.
Many people may wonder
why they still have a bad taste in their mouth
even though they brush their teeth every day.
That's because brushing only cleans 25% of the oral cavity,
and 75% of the oral cavity has a lot of bacteria residue,
as well as indigestion, which leads to the accumulation of toxins and bacteria.
These bacteria are the main culprits of bad breath.
These bacteria not only cause bad breath, but can also lead to various oral diseases!
With an irregular diet and a preference for heavy spicy and oily foods,
modern people often have swollen gums, mouth ulcers, and bleeding teeth.
Serious or even spread to gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, suffering from ...
Today, I would like to recommend you a deodorant that can solve the problem of bad breath at its roots.
It is a Japanese healthy nutritional supplement that can eliminate bacteria in the stomach, intestines and mouth and get rid of bad breath at its source.
All the ingredients contained are natural plant ingredients and there is no dependency, so please eat with confidence. (I've been eating it myself .....)
Because it's now the new favorite of the ins netizens, I'm recommended too!
I bought a pack with half-hearted confidence.
Then after eating the lamb fondue, I drank 3 tablets.
You really don't know what to expect until you try it, but you'll be surprised!
(I knew there was a machine to test for bad breath, so I bought one to confirm the effect)
【Before】The bad breath value is 5! Highest Level!The taste of lamb, garlic, and cilantro is really punchy!
Of course, I also have mild halitosis because of my own oral problems. ......
【After】The value of bad breath is 0! (retested after an hour) What a contrast!
The taste in my mouth was really gone and it was refreshing!

And! The mouth is still fresh until you brush your teeth before bed.
※Now I take 3 tablets every day when I wake up and I don't have to worry about bad breath all day.
It is especially suitable for people who like heavy foods, have an irregular diet, oral problems or bad breath.
This breath freshening little tablet to improve bad breath.

It's extremely hot in Japan, and almost every Japanese person who cares about their image has a bag!

Not only in Japan, but also in Korea and Singapore, which are very popular!
I would like to share with you the real feelings of Japanese netizens.
I've always had a bit of bad breath, but since I've had it,
I don't have to worry  about it anymore! 
(Ms. Kobayashi/Kyoto/29 years old)
In the past, I always knew I had a bit of a bad breath problem, so I had low self-esteem.
Although I put on beautiful makeup every day, I didn't feel safe without a mask, and I was afraid that my co-workers would find out that I had bad breath.
Then by chance, I saw it being shared on Instagram, so I bought it to try.
The results are really great! Take 3 tablets in the morning, and your mouth will be fresh all day without worrying about the taste!
I will continue to use it, hopefully it will completely solve my bad breath problem!

I'm so thankful I came across it,

it solved the problem of bad breath for years! 

(Mr.Tanaka /Osaka/38 years old)

Because of the habit of smoking and drinking, there was always a bad taste in my mouth.

I have always brushed my teeth and used mouthwash frequently, but it didn't take long for the taste to come back.

Then I came across FEBREEEE on the internet and bought two bags after seeing how many people said it worked.

After taking 3 tablets, my mouth did not stink after an hour or so, and it lasted all day.No more frequent spraying of mouthwash!

When I went to Japan for fun, I saw some places where you can't even get in the goods with a substitute purchase, which shows how hot it is.

5 Deodorizing Ingredients
Natural botanical ingredients to improve bad breath

The main reason why FEBREEEE works so well is that it is filled with specialized botanical ingredients that have a powerful effect on bad breath!

☑ High concentration of "Deo Attack" well known as deodorant ingredient.

(Deo Attack is a deodorizing ingredient with "coffee extract + burdock extract", which has an excellent deodorizing effect on stinky bacteria in the intestines!)

☑Champignon Extract and Persimmon Extract suppress bad smell from " inside of your body".

☑Lactobacillus acidophilus prevents bad smelling bacteria in your mouth

Contains catechins, a well-known deodorant treatment

☑Contains Bioperine, which is essential to the functioning of all ingredients

Various deodorizing ingredients that are famous for their multiplier effect!

Top 5 famous deodorant ingredients are concentrated in this little tablet!

In Japan, the health food section is more strictly controlled.

This FEBREEEE is food safe and certified in terms of ingredients and workmanship, so there is no question about its quality.

This FEBREEEE (FEBREEE) is in granule form and should be taken warm in the morning after waking up or after a bad taste in the mouth.
Take about 3 capsules once a day to keep your breath clear all day long.

Persistence for 1-2 months will thoroughly improve the root cause of bad breath, because everyone's body type is different and the absorption effect is not consistent.
So the results will vary from person to person, and the trick is to be persistent.

Only available on the website now.
Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 4 get 2 free, buy 6 get 3 free!

Thank you for seeing it here, now is the best time to buy FEBREEEE!

Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 4 get 2 free, buy 6 get 3 free ...... and free shipping!



  • Where are FEBREEEE available?
 ↳ Our products are only available online shop.
  • Where are your products made?        
  ↳All of our products are proudly made in JAPAN.
  • Do you ship overseas?   
  ↳Yes, we ship from Tokyo to all over the world via Japan Post &  EMS. 
   *We are currently unable to ship to some areas due to covid19.
  • How do I drink it?

  ↳FEBREEEE is not a lick type.
It is recommended to be taken with water or lukewarm water about 2-3 tablets a day.
If you suffer from bad breath like me, I really recommend you to try this popular Japanese bad breath care product.

I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!


But! The promotion is limited in quantity and will end as soon as the required quantity is sold out!

So get over to the official website and check it out while it's still on sale!